University Of Oregon Housing Agreement

Students residing in the residences were informed by e-mail of the necessary tests and the move-in process for the winter semester. Here you will find up-to-date information on moving in and testing for the winter semester: Jarvis noted that the deadline for committing to accommodation on campus is normally May 1 and has been extended twice. She says that on August 26, UO will make an announcement about its ability to offer personal classes this fall. The University of Oregon`s top priority is the safety of everyone participating in college programs and activities. You have an obligation to report dangerous or illegal behaviour to University Housing staff. In this regard, it is important to note that all University Housing employees may share the information with university officials, including the University of Oregon Fire Marshal`s Office and Oregon Police University. At least one Portland family is not happy with the university`s decision. If you do not sign and submit this addendum, you will not be able to verify your withdrawal information or obtain your keys. If you do not wish to sign the endorsement or not be tested on COVID-19, you must submit a waiver in My Housing and cancel your registration for the accommodation before 1 September 2020. In mid-December: registration of university accommodation is possible for admitted students. If the university closes the HLM and all students have to leave the campus for the rest of the school year, the cancelled part of the room and the catering plan is not charged to the students.

If the university is completely isolated for all or part of the fall, winter or spring semesters, but the university does not close the residences, the room and meal fees and contractual conditions are the same as when the teaching is delivered in person, remotely or online. All first-year students are automatically exempt from the live requirement for the 2020-21 academic year. We understand that the non-incorporation of our triple room types means that our most economical option has changed. We advise you to explore our double rooms in Hamilton and Walton. All our options and room fees are available online under These include unwanted sexual behaviour, sexual assault, ideation and attempts at suicide, alcohol poisoning, drug abuse, trespassing, weapons, eating disorders, harassment and discrimination, domestic violence, theft, vandalism, manipulation of firefighters` functions and fire protection, triggering false alarms and games or extinguishing fires. All University Housing employees, including student leaders and staff, are journalists in charge of child abuse. All University Housing employees are mandated reporters of any incendiary activity, regardless of size, inside or in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings. Some University Housing employees are also required to report any prohibited discrimination, including sexual harassment and assault….