Collective Agreement Calgary Police

These are not considered “legal” copies of contracts/agreements. If you need additional information or a signed copy, send an email or call Labour Relations at 403-268-2236. to provide members of the police leadership with the highest quality and to build on this objective through open communication, open-mindedness and new ideas; Medicine Hat police pay more than the Toronto police hurt us because we do not have the same purchasing power as Toronto. The cost of living is cheaper in Medicine Hat, so labor is cheaper – this is one of the main competitive advantages of small towns. I want the police to feel valued, but the steady rise in wages, which exceed inflation, will reach a threshold of burden. It is not a question of if, but of when. Wages are not the only way to improve the working conditions of the police. I`m sure there are creative alternatives to maintaining a large font. As I said in my previous column, the nature of calls for service has changed dramatically and we need to reform our emergency response to meet these new needs. Medicine Hat has been rich enough in the past to use money to mask these problems, but that`s no longer the case. Police officers in large cities are at a disadvantage when they are paid in the same way as police officers in small towns, but face a considerably higher cost of living. The City of Medicine Hat wants to be a great employer.

We want to set a good example for the private sector, but the choice is not between a private (for-profit) company and a union – it`s the taxpayer and the police. The public has an interest in the two getting a fair deal. And the local cost of living must be more taken into account in each subdivision. But this justification ignores another reality of governments – we can pay more and more. The City of Medicine Hat can pay any salary we set, because we can still levy taxes to cover salary increases. We can continue to raise police salaries and taxes until the city is no longer competitive and dies slowly. The negotiation process does not seem to take into account the fact that different municipalities have different payment capacities. Medicine Hat and Vancouver, Camrose and Toronto are not the same.

I voted against the 2017-2020 police collective agreement (+8% over 4 years) in April 2019. My voice is not ideological. I am not automatically for or against unions. With this special collective agreement, I had the impression that local economic conditions did not justify this increase in wages. The Council often has to find a balance between competing values, and these are difficult discussions. This is especially true for discussions on union wages. It should be noted that the police are designated as an essential service.. .