Agreement Line Item

How to remove a contractual position for a service contract for expense items that is in the “Published” status in Ariba Contracts As a rule, the pricing of contractual positions is only influenced by the primary asset. However, if necessary, you can configure the pricing so that it is based on all the position resources in the agreement. Select the check box to indicate that the current active asset is the primary asset for this position. Any additional assets added to the agreement position do not affect the total price of the agreement position – this is only influenced by the primary asset. In order for prices to change based on all the position resources of the agreement, additional configuration is required. For more information, click Enable install-based pricing in orders, offers, and agreements. Ariba does not allow the removal of the position in the price conditions file. Thanks Contract Line Item Numbers (CLIN) (FAR Part 4.10) are part of a defense contract that breaks down the contract according to the goods to be obtained (hours of work of services, financing of travel, quantity of product A, etc.). They help to identify the supplies or services to be acquired as separately identified elements in a contract providing for the traceability of the accounts.

1.-Change contract2.- Change contract position3.- Maximum amount or maximum quantity field change to04.- Publish new modified contract5.- This article disappears from the contract NOTE: Service contract pricing is a combination of the price of the service product and the asset covered by the service product. This method works in most contracts, with the exception of service contracts for expense items. For a contract of this type, the type of limit of the maximum amount in Ariba is not provided. In versions prior to Field Service 7.8, only one asset could be assigned to each position in the agreement. However, since Field Service 7.8, the cross-item and asset cross-section table is used so that multiple assets can be covered by the same position. A CLIN has four of the following characteristics: Also note that we have found that not all fields are exported (or imported) automatically, so check it out as well. It is said that APIs can be adjusted to fix this, and our technicians are studying it. The number of the asset. In the displayed dialog box, select the corresponding asset. If you do, the remaining fields in this view will be filled with related asset information. CLINS are necessary for the following types of contracts: If you talk in ACW about published pricing conditions, we have this problem and we found the following problem.

We are told that this has been fixed in Service Pack 15 (anyone confirm this??). You can export the conditions, make your changes, and then import the conditions as a new document to the price conditions after closing the existing conditions. . . .