Gcf Trust Fund Agreement

The October 15, 2013 agreement was reached between the GCF and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), also known as the World Bank, as acting trustees of the CCC. This agreement was signed between the Russian Federation, the GCF and the World Bank in November 2020 for contributions for the first GCF (GCF-1) resupply period. In accordance with the GCF`s management instrument, this agreement defines the conditions for the agent to manage the trust fund in order to replace the terms of the standard provisions. After the Board of Directors has approved the contribution policy in its decision B.08/13, the parties wish to amend and reaffirm the original agreement to reflect the conditions of the agent`s management of the trust fund provided by these guidelines. Contributions to the CWG are facilitated by contribution agreements or agreements signed by contributors, the CWG and the agent, which is the existing mechanism for receiving contributions to the trust fund. In accordance with the government instrument of the GCF, the parties entered into the agreement on the terms of management of the Green Climate Fund of October 15, 2013 as amended (the “initial agreement”) to define the conditions of management of the trust fund by the agent in order to replace the terms of the original standard provisions.