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Commercial & Residential Service in Regina, Canada FAQs

Action Sewer & Drain Services Ltd receives a number of frequently asked questions from residential and commercial customers. Browse the questions below and their answers and feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

My toilet runs every few minutes. How can I fix this?

If the reservoir empties on a regular basis or doesn’t fill completely, the rubber flapper in your toilet may be corroded or warped. If this is the case, replacing this can solve the problem. Most brands have universal flappers while some are manufacturer specific—bring the old one into a hardware store to find the proper replacement.

How does a sewer jetter work?

A sewer jetter has a jet nozzle and uses the force of pressurized water to pull through pipes, scrubbing the sides of dirty drains. It also breaks apart clogs and flushes out residue.

What constitutes a drain emergency?

Typical emergencies include the following: standing sewage in your basement, overflowing drains that continue to flow after you stop running water, a clogged toilet when you only have one bathroom, or any drain problem that prevents a business from operating normally.

There is sewage backing up in a drain pipe when we use multiple fixtures. How can I fix this?

Once water is backing up in more than one area, you’re past the point of using a hand snake. Call Action Sewer & Drain Services Ltd for professional services as soon as possible.

Why do many home insurance plans exclude sewer and drain water backup coverage?

While these issues are common, they are very preventable with regular maintenance and precautionary measures. Repair slow running drains, remove clogs, install backflow preventers, and clean all drains to prevent major and costly repairs.